Late Of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel (4 stars)

Late Of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel



The cover art sums them up nicely: Late of the Pier are a heady pastiche of their influences. They flip from the sticky rock-fuzz eccentricism of Muse to the nostalgic clunk of Gary Numan’s vampiric electro, and back again, without skipping a beat. Like Klaxons before them, they sit uncomfortably in the current fad of cut‘n’paste visceral electro.

In truth, what seperates this album from the baying pack of post nu-rave imitators is its thrillingly live feel. A consistent tone of ethereal bombast permeates every note of this release. Notwithstanding a slight dip in momentum midway through the tracklisting, this should prove to be one of the best debut albums of the year.

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