Rex's sex checks

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  • 12 August 2008

Rex was asked about relationship

Rex and Nicole are believed to have had sex. The arrogant chef was getting intimate with his 19-year-old girlfriend while the couple's fellow housemates slept close by.

But the randy pair were interrupted by an announcement from Big Brother during the early hours of this morning (12.08.08) asking Rex to go to the Diary Room.

Trainee teacher Rachel - who is up for eviction alongside house hunk Stuart this week - was wise to what the lovers were up to.

She said: "Are they going to ask you about rudies, Rex?"

In the Diary Room, Rex was grilled on what it was like living with his student girlfriend on national TV.

He replied: "I'm finding it really hard."

The pair were thought to have made love last week when the duvet cover was seen to be moving while they were cuddled up in bed.

Nicole entered the house around a week and a half ago, but was only properly reunited with her boyfriend on Saturday (09.08.08) when the barrier between Heaven and Hell was brought down.

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