Stuart's smile surgery

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 August 2008

Stuart is embarrased by his teeth

Stuart said he will have dental surgery when he leaves the house. The personal trainer told Sara he is unhappy with the way his teeth look and is desperate to have them corrected.

He said: "I need to sort my teeth out when I get out of here. I'll save up. They're horrible."

But sexy Sara - who admitted she has a crush on the dishy dad - said there was nothing wrong with his pearly whites.

She said: "Your teeth are fine."

The father-of-one refused to let Sara look closely at his teeth, saying he was too "embarrased".

He continued ro put himself down, saying he was not looking forward to looking at himself in footage from the show.

When Sara asked if he thought he was good looking, Stuart said he didn't think he was.

Sara argued: "Stuart, you're major good looking."

Stuart replied: "I'm definitely gonna have some surgery when I get out of here."

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