Mohamed's second soaking

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 August 2008

Mohamed was splashed again

Mikey attempted to pour water on Mohamed for the second time today (11.08.08, 1.55pm). The head of house - who has aggravated both Mohamed and Rex by ruling with a rod or iron - sneaked in from the garden with a jug of water as Mohamed snoozed on the sofa.

Mohamed said: "Mikey, do not pour water over me. Because I wil pour water over you as well. I was not sleeping."

But Mikey splashed the lazy 23-year-old anyway.

Mohamed shouted: "Mikey, I swear I will get a glass of water and tip it all over you. Don't do that again!"

Stuart decided to side with Mikey, telling Mohamed he would not have got wet if he didn't keep falling asleep.

Mohamed said: "If I want to fall asleep, I'll fall asleep. Head of house is just bulls**t."

Earlier, Mikey woke Mohamed by completely drenching him in water after Stuart guided him to where he lay asleep.

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