Rex water rebellion

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 August 2008

Rex said Mikey is a farce

Rex told Mikey the head of house role was a "complete farce". The arrogant chef blasted the blind radio producer after he threatened to throw water on him if he and girlfriend Nicole did not get out of bed this morning (11.08.08).

He said: "This whole head of house is a complete farce. You've fallen for it this week.

"You don't call any shots, Big Brother calls all the shots because they tell you what to do."

The pair's lie in made the annoying alarm to continue to sound.

Mikey - who drenched Mohamed yesterday for snoozing before bedtime - told Rex he understands his feeling about his role, but wanted the alarm off on a "personal level".

Later, Mikey told fellow housemates Rex was a "prime candidate" to get water poured on him, but did realise the 24-year-old bully was standing behind him.

Rex said: "That was very interesting, Mikey."

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