My Perfect Podcast: Nicole Weisensee Egan

My Perfect Podcast: Nicole Weisensee Egan

The investigative journalist tells us about her favourite podcasts

Back in 2005, Nicole Weisensee Egan began researching Bill Cosby's sex crimes when others in the news industry backed off. Her exhaustive reporting helped break the story worldwide, and her 2019 book, Chasing Cosby explored 'The Downfall of America's Dad'. Produced by LA Times Studios, her podcast of the same name now explores how he got away with it for so long and tells the story of Andrea Constand, the first survivor of Cosby's attacks to face him in court. Here Egan tells us about Real Crime Profile and the mystery of the Smiley Face Killers.

Which podcast educates you?
Real Crime Profile. I love the way they dissect crimes and tell you what's real and not real from the various documentaries on the cases.

Which podcast makes you laugh?
I listen to the more serious ones so none of them.

Which podcast makes you angry or sad?
Real Crime Profile. I get angry when I see how manipulative some of these true crime ones can be, by leaving out key information to sway the viewer one way or another.

My Perfect Podcast: Nicole Weisensee Egan

Which podcast is your guilty pleasure?
Dirty John.

Tell us someone who currently doesn't have a podcast but totally should. And why do you think their one would be amazing?
Me! Right now this is the only one I'm doing. I'd love to do one myself featuring interviews about the most compelling crime, medical and human interest stories out there. I am a skilled interviewer and would love to do something where I just interview people.

Pitch us a new podcast idea in exactly 51 words
I think it would be intriguing to do one on the Smiley Face Killers, dissecting each of the cases that the detectives think are connected. The term is somewhat of a misnomer (it was created by a TV journalist) but these deaths are real and still happening, including, possibly, in Europe.

The first two episodes of Chasing Cosby are available now.