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  • 11 August 2008

Stuart does not want to be friends

Stuart said he won't be friends with any of his fellow housemates after he leaves the 'Big Brother' house. The father-of-one told the group he did not think any friendships would last and he would not have time for any of them after the show ends.

The comment came after Mohamed wondered whether Luke and Rebecca's relationship would work outside the house.

Stuart replied: "I don't think any relationships will work in the outside world, friendships, anything."

But Kathreya was not so doubtful, saying she believes friendships will last, despite housemaes from previous series not staying in touch.

She said: "This could be the first year."

Stuart continued: "Once we get out of here we've got our own friends and lives to go back to.

"I know I can't fit many of you in. Not that I want to anyway."

But Rachel was quick to shoot him down.

She said: "You've already told us you've got no friends Stuart."

Stuart replied: "Yeah, I've got no friends because I'm so busy. I'm certainly not going to stop being busy for you lot."

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