Peaches Geldof's drug confession

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  • 11 August 2008

Peaches Geldof's drug confession

Peaches Geldof has admitted having "a bad experience" with drugs but denied reports she overdosed.

The 19-year-old DJ - who received help from paramedics after collapsing at her London apartment last month - has experimented with drugs, but insists she will never become an addict.

She said: "It wasn't an overdose. I had a bad experience - it was nowhere near an overdose. It was blown completely out of proportion. I never overdosed.

"Drugs for me are something I don't normally meddle in. I have tried drugs in my life, I'm not going to deny it but I don't need to go to rehab because I never, and will never, have any sort of habit with drugs."

Peaches also said she was no different from many London teenagers, claiming most young people in the city experiment with illegal substances at some point.

She added to The Sunday Times Style magazine: "It's something that everyone - well, not everyone, smart people usually don't do it, but it's something that people go through in their lives, especially growing up in London, and it's not something I've ever had a problem with.

"I'm not friends with Any Winehouse, I don't live in Camden. I've never smoked crack in my life. I've done other drugs, I've had experiences with drugs - some good, some bad - and it's not something I want to pursue."

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