Top comedy shows for 2020

Top comedy shows for 2020

Laura Lexx / credit: Karla Gowlett

A funny feast of fun ahead from Godley to Godliman and Alexei to Lexx

For those who thought 2019 was a vintage year in comedy (and yes, there were plenty others who thought it was less than epic), 2020 is already shaping up to be another big one. Below is a mere sampling of those who will entertain us over the next 12 months. Here's 20 for 2020 …

Top comedy shows for 2020

Dane Baptiste / credit: Yoshitaka Kono

David Baddiel
Baddiel has clearly had enough of internet bullies as he's taking them firmly to task with his new show. Trolls: Not the Dolls is his response to the online haters.
24 January–3 May

Dane Baptiste
Racial and economic equality are the areas of concern for Baptiste, as one of the country's rising stars goes on the road with The Chocolate Chip.
20 February–29 March

Top comedy shows for 2020

Adam Buxton / credit: Ben Catchpole

Adam Buxton
On a roll right now with his hit podcast, the former comedy buddy of Joe (Cornish) will be rambling (his new book is called Rambles) on all manner of topics from David Bowie to dead dads and way beyond.
11 May–12 June

Simon Evans
A shift in gear for Evans as he dives deep into the world of DNA tests, testosterone levels and family matters for The Work of the Devil, his most personal show to date.
6 February–16 May

Top comedy shows for 2020

Mo Gilligan / credit: Yoshitaka Kono

Ricky Gervais
A rather London-centric set of dates for now, but we hope that the rabble-rousing writer, comic, actor and awards speechmaker will be spreading the word wider on SuperNature.
7 October–20 November

Mo Gilligan
The puntacular There's Mo to Life has Gilligan taking the world by storm, to see if he really is, as one newspaper put it, 'the Instagram era's Chris Evans'.
8 October–4 December

Top comedy shows for 2020

Kerry Godliman

Janey Godley
Scottish comedy's 'Godmother' goes on the Soup Pot tour as she does a bit of voiceover work on screened footage to make fun of politicians and celebs, and chats the chat in the frank way only she can.
14 February–25 March

Kerry Godliman
The Derek and Bad Move star returns to the live comedy fold with Bosh, as she discusses her needy cat, the pitfalls of camper-van ownership, mum guilt and that over-used staple of stand-up, thimbles.
7 March–19 June

Top comedy shows for 2020

Bec Hill / credit: Steve Ullathorne

The Guilty Feminist
Deborah Frances-White and guests will once more be exploring why the honourable goals of 21st century feminists are sometimes let down by miserable old reality.
1 May–7 June

Bec Hill
Australian comic Hill has taken a step into leftfield by opting to reveal her setlist and allow the audience to choose the structure of her new touring show. Naturally enough, the show is called Out of Order.
19 April–20 July

Top comedy shows for 2020

Tez Ilyas

Tez Ilyas
Now five years on from his debut hour, Ilyas gives us Populist in which he shows how ordinary folk can face up to the establishment. Silly, smart and subversive is how he aims to play it.
11 September–28 November

Laura Lexx
Merging chunks from her two last shows, Knee Jerk and Trying, the popular club and Fringe comic sets out on her debut solo tour to wonder whether it's possible to be a good person in this world.
5 February–21 June

Top comedy shows for 2020

Steve Martin & Martin Short

Steve Martin & Martin Short
Two superstars of the comedy form hang out together for The Funniest Show in Town at the Moment, with an act which Rolling Stone dubbed 'wryly hip but unexpectedly touching'.
9–18 March

Andrew Maxwell
Ireland's gifted clown arrives to discuss Reality, which will have him poring over the idiosyncrasies of human beings as well as looking at his recent time in Oz for I'm a Celebrity.
29 April–8 June

Top comedy shows for 2020

Rachel Parris

Trevor Noah
The highly popular host of The Daily Show, South African Noah is back on UK soil after five years away. Loud and Clear is the title of his triumphant return.
20 March–4 April

Rachel Parris
With her new show, All Change Please, The Mash Report correspondent delivers a set with songs about sudden love, weddings, going viral and the baffling state of society.
3 February–27 June

Top comedy shows for 2020

Kiri Pritchard-McLean / credit: Kayla Wren

Kiri Pritchard-McLean
Empathy Pains is the Gein's Family Giftshop writer's latest bold attempt to fund humour in a subject (empathy) that doesn't naturally lend itself to giggles (she's previously done shows on racism, sexism and child grooming).
12 March–23 May

Alexei Sayle
We've had a Godmother in this list, and now here comes the 'Godfather of alternative comedy' for his first tour in seven years in which he promises not to mention funny cats, Brexit or the internet.
31 January–7 April

Top comedy shows for 2020

Tim Vine

Tommy Tiernan
The ever magnificent firebrand comic takes his Tomfoolery across the country promising more wit sprinkled with plenty wisdom.
3–21 March

Tim Vine
This one-man pun machine turns into Plastic Elvis, backed by a five-piece band. So unbelievable you will barely believe your ears nor your eyes.
1 May–4 December

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