Lisa's Nicole chat

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 August 2008


Lisa gatecrashed Rex and Nicole's romantic lie-in this morning. When Rex realised the 'Big Brother' divide had been removed during the night he immediately ran into the luxury bedroom and jumped into bed with his girlfriend Nicole.

As the pair disappeared under the covers and started smooching the rest of the group discreetly left the room to give them some space, but Lisa refused to take the hint.

Deciding to be polite and not ignore her, Nicole asked: "Which bed were you and Mario in?"

Obviously keen to start a proper conversation, Lisa replied: "The one next to you, then when Mario went I moved into this one. Then it was straight into Hell. It was good really because we were that busy it kept my mind occupied."

Losing interest in the chat, Nicole simply responded: "Yeah."

Refusing to let the couple continue canoodling, Lisa continued: "It's not like you're really, really enjoying together as a couple in here. There's a lot of pressure and tension. You can see all the gossip and chit chat going on. People not speaking to you and making it obvious. A week before Mario went he said he'd had enough of it."

Bored Nicole said: "Yeah."

Determined not to be ignored, Lisa added: "When he went I wasn't surprised. Now I've got his letter I know he is okay. Just like now Nicole's in here you want to take care of her, Rex."

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