Darnell's love moan

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  • 10 August 2008


Darnell moaned he is "no-one's type" in an early morning chat with Kathreya. The songwriter - who has admitted he has a crush on fellow 'Big Brother' housemate Sara - told Kat girls only like him when there are no other men for them to be with.

He whinged: "I only win when I'm the only option. Every girl that's come through this house has fancied Dale or Stuart."

Kat tried to convince her friend different women prefer different types of men, but Darnell refused to believe her.

He said: "Every girl that's come through this house has either fancied Dale or fancied Stu but you tell me every girl loves someone different. But every girl - and it's not like every girl is the same - they've either fancied Dale or fancied Stu."

Kat then employed new tactics, telling Darnell it was his fault none of the contestants wanted to get romantically involved with him as he'd told them he had a girlfriend waiting for him.

She said: "You've said you've got someone waiting for you, and you've got someone you play with. Do you deserve it?"

Glossing over her point, Darnell said he did not believe the girl would wait for him before adding his previous relationships with women had been troubled.

In an effort to cheer her friend, Kat promised Darnell she would help him get a girlfriend.

She said: "I get you a girl. Proper girl, no-one drinking, swearing, smoking."

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