My Perfect Podcast: Andrew Hunter Murray

My Perfect Podcast: Andrew Hunter Murray

Picture by Matt Crockett; Andrew Hunter Murray second from left

The QI Elf and Austentatious member tells us about his favourite podcasts

The No Such Thing As A Fish gang are the Elves who do all the research that makes BBC Two's QI such a fun show. Their podcast is about to hit a significant landmark and an 2019 annual features the stuff you should really know about everyone from Assange to Zuckerberg. One quarter of the NSTAAF collective, Andrew Hunter Murray, tells us which podcasts make him happy, sad and more intelligent.

Which podcast educates you?
The Briefing Room is a podcast by David Aaronovitch, where he gets genuinely non-partisan guests to discuss the issues facing the world today. It's fascinating hearing a discussion that doesn't descend into an argument every single week.

Which podcast makes you laugh?
Dear Joan and Jericha is a disgraceful, outrageous show in which Vicki Pepperdine and Julia Davis play horrific agony aunts answering made-up listener questions. It is indecently funny.

Which podcast makes you sad or angry?
Any podcast which gets more listeners than No Such Thing As A Fish, the pan-global fact-based phenomenon from the writers of BBC Two's QI, makes me both sad and angry.

My Perfect Podcast: Andrew Hunter Murray

Which podcast is your guilty pleasure?
The Empire Film Podcast, particularly the extremely long episodes about Mission: Impossible movies which take four hours but are nonetheless riveting.

Who currently doesn't have a podcast but totally should?
Brian Blessed, who is one of the greatest living humans and who would do a fabulous podcast shouting questions and advice at the great and the good. Sadly, no existing speakers can survive Blessed's voice for half an hour without blowing up.

Pitch us a new podcast idea in exactly 25 words
Interviews with great actors who go unsung due to their enormous costumes: Tinky Winky, Bungle from Rainbow, Barney the Dinosaur. Working title: Inside Mr Blobby.

No Such Thing As A Fish's 300th episode is available on Friday 20 December, while their Book Of The Year 2019 is out now on Penguin Books.