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  • 9 August 2008

Kat showed dark side today

Kat told Mikey she didn't want to talk to him after an argument this morning (09.08.08). The pair - who live in the Hell side of the house and must cook for the other housemates - bickered over who would make the fried breakfast Mohamed asked for.

But when Kat voiced her disapproval of the request - pointing out that everyone else has had cereal - Mikey attempted to stand up for her.

He said: "Kat doesn't want to cook a fry-up because she is too tired."

But Kat did not like the blind radio producer speaking on her behalf.

She said: "Thank you very, very much Mikey. I didn't say that. I shouldn't have asked you your opinion anyway.Please stop saying things I'm not saying, I don't like it.

"I think you know what you said and what I said. You're a grown up man Mikey."

Mohamed clearly felt awkward as Kat ploughed on with preparing his meal.

He said: "You're making me have it by force now."

Mikey added: "She's doing it to annoy me as well, but never mind."

Kat asked Mo if he really did want the breakfast or if he could wait until lunch for some hot food, but Mikey told her to stop going on about it and just make it.

She replied: "I'm not talking to you Mikey! Excuse me! I don't want to talk to you."

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