Sara's 'Cookie Love'

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  • 9 August 2008

Sara and Stuart get close

Kat encouraged Sara to make a move on Stuart last night (08.08.08). The bubbly biscuit eater took Sara aside for a private chat where she gave her advice on how to seduce the dishy dad.

Kat said: "You have to work faster now, not long left. Go for give him massage now. Spray a little perfume on your hair, take away the cigarette smell."

Matchmaker Kat - who is engaged to be married next year - told Sara she needed to act fast if she was going to make a move because there is only a few more weeks of the show left.

She added: "Go for it, don't listen to anyone else."

Sara replied: "Maybe I'll go and brush my teeth, can I have a hug for good luck?"

The sexy Aussie followed Stuart into the bathroom and told him she wanted him to be more affectionate toward her.

She said: "I wish you'd hug me more. Everyone else gets cuddles but not me."

But later, Sara got into bed with Darnell after telling him how she felt.

She said: "I like you, Trust me, I have good taste."

The horny rapper then told Sara he would have no problem with having sex on national TV, but he doesn't fancy her because he likes someone on the outside.

Sara replied: "You're just letting me down gently."

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