Stuart hates show

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  • 8 August 2008

Stuart hates reality TV shows

Stuart hates people who go on reality TV shows. The father-of-one - who faces eviction alongside Dale tonight - said he can't stand people who try to cling on to fame after they leave the 'Big Brother' house.

Stu's true feelings about his appearance on the show came about when he said he would hate to meet his favourite band Oasis at a celebrity bash on the outside.

He said: "I'd hate to meet them. It would ruin it because they won't like me.

"The Gallagher brothers wouldn't like anyone that's done this show."

But Lisa - who has appeared on several reality shows, as has her evicted boyfriend Mario - disagreed.

She said: "People love to hate them. They just like to be critical.

"But this year's show might have changed people's perceptions of it. I know loads of very interesting people who say every time they turn it on there's screaming so switch off.

"But if there's a conversation, people will watch. And there have been some big characters this year."

But despite his distaste for reality TV contestants becoming famous, Stuart said he really enjoys 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

He said: "I can't wait for the celebrity one."

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