Rachel's cryptic crystal

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 August 2008

Rachel received a mystical gift

Rachel has been given a crystal ball for the house. The head of house collected the bizarre fortune telling tool from the Diary Room this afternoon (08.08.08).

Rachel relayed a cryptic message from Big Brother to the rest of the group.

She told the house: "Big Brother told me it needs to be used for its purpose and it should be treated with great respect."

After handing it to Mohamed for inspection, Rachel decided the mystical gift was better off in the hands of Kathreya in the Hell side of the house.

Mo shouted: "Don't give it to Hell!"

But the trainee teacher stood by her decision, saying Kat was the best person for the job.

She said: "Kat is going to be responsible for looking after it."

Lisa has previously told the house she possesses psychic abilities and is said to have met Mario when he sold her a similar crystal ball over the Internet.

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