Couple's final round?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 August 2008

Rex and Nicole had another fight this morning (08.08.08).

The pair bickered after Rex failed to get all the stains out of Nicole's clothes when he did her laundry.

Nicole said: "Look at the back. It's ruined. There's no point washing them if there are still stains on them."

Rex replied: "You won't ever be able to see that. I'm not a washing machine, you know. I washed your clothes for you. I thought you'd be really happy.

"But I forgot you're never happy about anything."

Nicole stormed off to help Kat in the kitchen.

Rex added: "What's wrong with you?"

Rex and Nicole have argued almost every day since she entered the house on Friday last week (01.08.08).

The 19-year-old student has threatened to walk out three times and Rex has told Big Brother having his girlfriend in the house was the "worst thing that could have happened" to him.

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