Kat's grumpy week

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 August 2008

Kat is getting very grumpy

Kat said she has never been grumpier. The usually upbeat masseuse said she has been feeling really down because the last week in Hell has been "lonely".

She also said she missed her close pal Darnell.

She said: "I've never been so grumpy as this week. I don't want to be in Hell again."

Kat - who is forced to live on the poor side of the house with Mikey and Nicole - has been getting fed up with the amount of cleaning and cooking she has been doing.

She told her fellow Hell housemates to start pulling their weight.

Dale - who could be evicted this week if viewers vote him out over hunky Stu - told Kat she needs to start "making some decisions" because she won't be able to guarantee her friends reach the final.

Cookie fiend Kat has recently dropped down to third favourite to win the £100,000 prize, with Mikey now the hot favourite for the top spot.

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