Darnell fears couple

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 August 2008

Darnell fears Rex and Nicole will plot against the other housemates. The paranoid songwriter told Kat he is worried about the pair tactically voting so they remain in the house.

But positive thinking Kat said he was looking into things too much.

Darnell said: "Nicole comes first. That changes everything. We're second best now. It's completely not good."

Earlier, Rex riled fellow housemates when he went ahead and opened a mystery envelope without consulting anyone.

The arrogant bully has also engaged in several arguments with whiny Nicole, who has threatened to quit the show on three occasions.

Kat agreed Rex's behaviour was "not right".

Rachel warned Darnell against worrying about nominations too much because he will only work himself up.

She said: "I think you're thinking a lot about wanting to be here until the end. I worry you beat yourself up when you read into things."

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