Sarah Harding's family plans

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  • 8 August 2008

Sarah Harding's family plans

Sarah Harding is planning to start "a large family" with her boyfriend.

The Girls Aloud star briefly spilt from DJ Tom Crane earlier this year, but the couple are now reunited and have already started discussing when they will marry and have children.

Tom, 28, said: "We have already spoken about starting a large family, and marriage, and will do so soon, when the time is right for both of us."

The DJ also revealed the couple's break-up was far less dramatic than was reported as they actually only split for one day.

He explained: "I had never really split up with Sarah. Everything you read was so silly, Sarah and I love each other.

"It only lasted for one day or so and everyone made such a big deal of it. It's all such a joke.

"Our split didn't last long because we get on so well and I know she is faithful to me."

At the time, it was claimed that Tom was jealous of 26-year-old Sarah's increasingly close friendship with her backing dancer Jackson Williams.

Although Tom blamed the break-up on the pair's clashing work schedules, he did hint he was unhappy with some aspects of Sarah's job.

He admitted: "I have to see her with all these guys every single day of the week, so it's all just part of it. I just have to swallow and accept she's got all these dancers around her."

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Sarah Harding

Commercial pop by the singer and ex-member of Girls Aloud, Sarah Nicole Harding.

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