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  • 7 August 2008

Darnell is hoping for a hit

Darnell hopes he will have a hit with 'Cookie Love' when he leaves the house. The songwriter - who penned the song about his biscuit eating fellow housemate Kat - hopes the track will be picked up by a record label.

Darnell asked Mohamed if he thinks he has a chance of fame with the record.

He asked: "Is 'Cookie Love' as good as I think it is?"

Mohamed replied: "Yes. A cookie company might want it."

Darnell added: "'Cookie Love' is a finished song. It's soft, it's heart-warming and it's deep."

Darnell would not be the only 'Big Brother' contestant to release a track after leaving the Big Brother house.

'Big Brother 8' winner Brian Belo recently released his first single 'Essex Boy', while his fellow housemate Chanelle Hayes flopped at number 63 with 'I Want It'.

Twins Samantha and Amanda from the same series released a cover of Aqua's 'Barbie Girl'.

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