Blossoms to start work on next album in December

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 November 2019


Blossoms have revealed they are planning to return to the studio to work on their next record before the next one, 'Foolish Loving Spaces', is released

Blossoms will be heading back into the studio in December to work on their next record.

Tom Ogden and co's third studio album, 'Foolish Loving Spaces', is set for release on January 31, 2020, but the Stockport band are already itching to get started on the follow-up.

Speaking to Gordon Smart on the latest episode of 'Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV', Tom said: "Well we're going to America for Christmas so got to kind of do a few rehearsals for that.

"Then there's boring stuff that goes into the album like picking the booklet photos, so that's what we were doing yesterday ... [They're asking questions like] 'what page do you want the lyrics on?' so we've been sorting that out ... We're busy sorting that kind of thing.

"We're actually gonna go in the studio in December and start the next album."

The indie rockers worked once again with The Coral's James Skelly on 'Foolish Loving Spaces', and Tom admitted he never holds back when he doesn't like a song.

On their process, he explained: "We kind of figure a lot of it out before hand, we'll all do a demo and then I'll send him the demo on WhatsApp and he always says to me, 'I'll just find what I don't like about it, until there's nothing I don't like about it'.

"Sometimes, it's 90% there and he's like, 'oh it's great, just make it three BPM faster', literally as small as that or, 'let's do a different chord here'.

"Like 'Gravity', the last track on this album, he fully was like, 'let's do something different and spin it on its head' but because we respect him and we've worked with each other for so long it's not like, 'oh what's this guy doing?' There's a lot of trust there."

Meanwhile, the 'Charlemagne' rockers revealed they still have performing a headline show at Manchester United's Old Trafford football ground on their bucket list.

Bassist Charlie Salt said: "I think it would be really nice to do the [Old Trafford] cricket ground."

Drummer Joe Donovan said: "Even like the two biggest stages in England, Wembley – obviously we did that with The Stone Roses and the Pyramid Stage [at Glastonbury], and we did that. Its mad to think we've done those massive stages."

Tom added: "It would be good to go back on your own and headline one day.

"Like Manchester [Arena], we'll be doing the arena next year, that will be great because we've seen, [looks at Charlie], was it you who has seen Steps?"

The full interview is available to watch via Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV Episode 12: