Harriet Dyer: 'Anything that spits venom is fine by me'

Harriet Dyer: 'Anything that spits venom is fine by me'

credit: Nigel Hillier

After a successful run at the Fringe, Harriet Dyer is taking The Dinosaur Show on tour. As we discover, it might actually be about more than just our prehistoric pals

'I've always loved dinosaurs,' says Harriet Dyer. 'My dad took me to see Jurassic Park when I was a kid and I was beside myself with how exciting it was.' Weetabix once had an offer for a set of plastic dinosaurs, which the dedicated cereal consumer could win by collecting coupons off their boxes.'So I'd refuse to eat anything else, which is no way to live.' Now as an adult, Dyer can purchase her own dinosaur paraphernalia, which populates the stage of The Dinosaur Show, most notably in the inflatable costume she gamely performs in for nearly the whole set. Though things did get rather warm during its Fringe run, her dedication was handsomely rewarded with a clutch of glowing reviews.

Despite its name, The Dinosaur Show is less about our ancient forebears, and more a no-holds barred ride through the chaos of Dyer's consciousness, replete with video art and hand puppetry. 'It was an absolute mess at the preview stage,' admits Dyer. 'At one point there was a Siamese dinosaur twin called Tallulah that loved death metal. I find the show hard to look at with fresh eyes when I'm in it, but luckily a friend of mine went through it saying simple things like "it needs to have a beginning, middle and end" and "if there's no point of something to the story, it's probably best not being there".'

So alas, Tallulah rejoined the rest of her extinct pals. But of all the dinosaurs in the pantheon, which is Dyer's favourite? 'Dilophosaurus,' she says. 'Hands down. Anything that spits venom is fine by me. As long as it doesn't wilt my flowers.'

Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show is on tour until Saturday 29 February.

Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show

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Dinosaur-based shenanigans from the quirky comedian.

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