Floorplan – Supernatural (4 stars)

Floorplan – Supernatural

Father-daughter electronic duo's first LP in three years is uplifting and atmospheric

Detroit techno pioneer Robert Hood originally founded his Floorplan alias with the intention of incorporating a love of gospel with house, disco and techno, in a nod to his own faith and spirituality. But Floorplan has evolved since to include his daughter Lyric, an aspiring DJ and producer in her own right, who joined the project at the age of 19, helping with the creation of the 2016 album Victorious. Now the duo are back with new collaborative album Supernatural, taking in their signature Chicago house sound, while embracing high-energy cuts and soulful, sermon-like incantations.

Opener 'There Was A Time' sets the euphoric tone, with its fast and enriched melody providing six solid minutes of repetitive grooves, before the pounding techno backbeat and solid layering of 'Dance Floor' kicks in, crescendoing to an epic club-centric build. Elsewhere, the disco and soul elements are strong, with tracks like 'Fiyaaaa!' and 'Brothers & Sisters' offering anthemic vocal samples amid jacked-up kick drums and colourful syncopated rhythms. The glorious choral fragments are welcome surprises throughout, as on 'His Eye Is On The Sparrow', the vocal melody taken from the famous gospel hymn, soaring high above a techno backdrop that is as tense and sinister as it is sweet. Likewise, the syrupy vocals in 'I Try' glide beautifully alongside a shuffling synth line and drum beat, which, when isolated halfway through, make the re-entry of the drums all the more forceful.

Supernatural is an uplifting and atmospheric record, with the majority of its 10 tracks retaining a minimalist undercurrent while still packing a thunderous punch. Closing track 'Generations From Now' is a brilliant conclusion; its repeated piano riff and expressive percussion reminding you of the power of the Hoods merging of gospel and soul with house and techno, as well as their innate ability to raise spirits on the dancefloor.

Out Fri 8 Nov on Aus Music.

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