Nicole's third threat

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 August 2008

Nicole threatened to quit again

Nicole threatened to leave the 'Big Brother' house for the third time this morning (07.08.08).

The 19-year-old stormed off to the Diary Room after another row with boyfriend Rex, who made a comment about her breasts being small.

The arrogant chef said his lover's boobs look smaller than Lisa's, even though they are apparently a bigger size.

As she walked away, she said, "Bye. I've had it. Everything I say, you have to tell everyone else."

Rex said: "God! Can you be more immature?"

Nicole came back into the living area shortly after and laid on the sofa alone.

Rex told Sara: "She's saying that I'm saying her breasts are crap."

Earlier, Rex made a boob of himself when he flashed one of Nicole's nipples at the camera during a steamy groping session.

She said: "Rex! That's enough of that behaviour please! The cameras have seen my nipples now; that one was right on me!"

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