Kat's Stu kittens

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 August 2008

Kat said she would have a baby with Stuart.

The bubbly Thai masseuse - who is engaged to be married next year - was asked who she would reproduce with if there was only her and one male housemate left in the world.

Dale said: "It's down to you to keep the human race going and life as you know it will cease to exist. No more cookies, no more singing. Nothing."

It didn't take Kat long to decide on personal trainer Stu as the Adam to her Eve.

She said: "Maybe I pick Stu because Stu likes love."

But Darnell - who is a close friend of the cookie eating 30-year-old - was outraged she picked Stuart to have children with over him.

He said: "You didn't pick me! I thought we were friends! No girls ever want me!"

Kat tried her best to comfort the lovelorn songwriter.

She said: "I love you as a friend, but you are a big baby and if there's only two of us I'd have to support you at all times."

Stuart added: "Good answer."

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