Nicole challenges lies

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  • 7 August 2008

Nicole threatened to quit again

Nicole has challenged Rex over his secret sex holiday in Las Vegas. The 19-year-old student could not contain her anger at her boyfriend - who allegedly had an affair with a stripper - when she broke down in tears last night (06.08.08).

She later threatened to quit the show.

But Rex defended his shenanigans, saying he was willing to "gamble the relationship" at that time.

He said: "I had a lot going on, I knew you wouldn't understand."

Nicole said she has not received an apology for his behaviour since being in the house, but the arrogant chef said his appearance on the show was his way of saying sorry.

He said: "I had to find ways of apologising in a different way, an apology wouldn't have been enough."

But the real reason for her moods came out when she revealed it was not just the holiday she was upset about.

She shouted: "It's lying to me, Rex. It's just not nice what I've had to put up with, really.

"You have to appreciate how much I've stuck by you through this.

"Those images in my head are not very nice. Imagine if I did that to you, going to Vegas with two, three girls. I can't believe you lied to me so bad."

When the blonde went on to reveal more sordid details about the holiday, Rex told her to "shut up" because she was making him look like an idiot on national TV.

He shouted: "You f**king knew exactly what you were doing, you were doing it to make me look bad!"

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