Slug (4 stars)


credit: Mark Donnelly

Laugh out loud family show about the challenges of growing your own veg, and learning to make friends with your enemy

Slugs don't have the best reputation – less attractive than their shelled friend the snail, and a menace in the garden, there's not much to like. By the end of this new show from acclaimed Scottish children's theatre company Visible Fictions, however, they'll have wormed their way into your heart.

Without saying a word, three talented performers communicate pride, frustration, mischievousness and compromise through movement, sound, live music and the odd well-placed sign.

Pleased as punch with his (hopefully) prize-winning carrots, lettuces and tomatoes, a gardener tends his vegetable patch. The jewel in his crown, a beautiful flowering pot plant, gets even more TLC. But even he can't look after them when he's asleep – and it's then that the naughty but loveable slug sets to work, chomping its way through the garden.

Each morning brings a new level of destruction from the slug, which is met with increasingly ramped up retaliations by our beleaguered gardener. The peals of laughter from the audience, young and old, build in equal measure.

To convey such clear storytelling without speaking is a real testament to the performers' comic timing and skill. And arriving at a heart-warming solution to a seemingly impossible problem, they send everyone off with a smile.

Reviewed at Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow.


Comic clowning adventure about a carefree slug who is munching his way through your life. Suitable for ages 7+.