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The Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

Hanna Tuulikki, Alberta Whittle and Katie Paterson are among our favourite cultural contributors this year

It's safe to say that 2019 has been a mammoth year for creativity and innovation in Scotland. From award-winning albums to groundbreaking theatrical works, we cover it all in our annual countdown of the figures who we feel have made the greatest impact on arts and culture in the country throughout the year. But The List's Hot 100 has a twist this time: we've got a Top 19 for 2019, though beyond that we're celebrating everyone equally because as we head towards 2020 and reflect back on the past decade, we feel that the Scottish cultural landscape is as healthy, bold and exciting as it's ever been.

Hanna Tuulikki

Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

credit: Lydia Honeybone

No sooner had Hanna Tuulikki's Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition, Deer Dancer, ended its run at Edinburgh Printmakers than the Glasgow-based composer, performer and artist was shortlisted for the Max Mara Art Prize for Women, acknowledging her increasingly expansive explorations of nature, ritual and environmental actions. (NC)

Edinburgh Printmakers

Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

credit: James Boyer Smith

The first open-access art studio established in Britain, Edinburgh Printmakers are doing their legacy proud with a stunning new studio space, gallery, and café that have transformed the Castle Mills factory in Fountainbridge, and continue their mission of making art publicly accessible. (AB)

Cathy Wilkes

Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

Two years after winning the prestigious Maria Lassnig Prize, Glasgow-based artist Cathy Wilkes has wowed the art world once again, this time at the Venice Biennale, transforming the grandiose British Pavilion into an eerily quiet space, haunted by uncanny, almost human forms. (RC)

Alberta Whittle

Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

With her first major exhibition in a UK institution, How Flexible Can We Make the Mouth, currently running at DCA, Alberta Whittle mixes various forms to question western constructs of history and white privilege from a post-colonial black perspective on oppression, healing and self-liberation. (NC)

Katie Paterson

Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

credit: MJC

The universe has no limit for Katie Paterson, who this year was given her largest UK exhibition at the Turner Contemporary in Margate alongside works by Turner himself. A new publication, A place that exists only in moonlight, was published to coincide with the show. (NC)

V&A Dundee

Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

credit: Ross Fraser McLean

In V&A Dundee's first 12 months, 883,000 visitors were welcomed, a significant advance on the pre-opening projection of half a million, while the Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt exhibition was a critical success. Thanks to actor Brian Cox, it also made a cameo in the second season of HBO's Succession. (DP)

Arpita Shah

Hot 100 2019: Visual Art

Photographer Arpita Shah's solo exhibition Nalini at Street Level Photoworks showed us how histories, memories and physical bodies are entangled and connected to one another, through a powerful and deeply personal collection of new work exploring the artist's own maternal lineage. (RC)

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