Hit The Road to visit Dumfries, Edinburgh and Glasgow this November

Hit The Road to visit Dumfries, Edinburgh and Glasgow this November

Kate Kyle

Next edition of the national youth music touring project to feature Kate Kyle, Sophie Penman and Hector Shaw

The Scottish Music Centre's youth music initiative Hit The Road is back this November, with three new musicians set to benefit from the project. Giving young people aged 14–19 the opportunity to learn more about the live music industry, Hit The Road aims to equip aspiring musicians with the tools needed to further their careers in the industry, while also providing experience of a professionally-managed tour. The initiative has already seen great success, having acted as a stepping-stone for the development of artists like Lewis Capaldi, Be Charlotte, Indigo Velvet, Man of Moon and more.

Kate Kyle, Sophie Penman and Hector Shaw will visit Dumfries, Edinburgh and Glasgow from 14–16 Nov, playing gigs in the Oasis Centre, Sneaky Pete's and Websters Theatre. We caught up with the three artists to find out more about their involvement in Hit The Road.

How does it feel to be a part of Hit The Road? And what are your thoughts on the project in general?

Kate Kyle: 'I'm thrilled to be part of this year's Hit The Road tour along with two other amazing artists! This project especially stands out to me since the focus is on the music. For me, I find songwriting a particularly special element within the arts so I'm most looking forward to the workshops with professional songwriters.'

Sophie Penman: 'I've known about Hit the Road for ages so getting the chance to take part in the project is very exciting. It is a fantastic opportunity for young performers to gain some touring experience and share their music with new audiences.'

Hit The Road to visit Dumfries, Edinburgh and Glasgow this November

Sophie Penman

Hector Shaw: 'It's really exciting. I've been playing gigs with original songs for just over a year, so it feels like a natural progression to be doing something like this. I'm also very humbled – there are a lot of previous Hit The Road acts who my friends and I really admire, so it's nice to say I took part in the same project that they did. Because Scotland has so much talent right now and the industry in general is very competitive, I'd say a project like Hit The Road is really important for teaching young people how to better navigate the gigging scene, and also to get a glimpse of whether the touring life might be for them.'

What are you hoping that the experience will teach you about the industry and your own future goals?

KK: 'Within this experience I hope to learn about the way a tour works and gain a better understanding of the business side of the industry. I'm fascinated by the organisation that goes into projects like this and I hope to speak to those who are immersed in it. My career goal is to work in the industry one way or another. I would love to be a professional songwriter – working with writers and artists on their craft.'

SP: 'I'm hoping to gain some insight into the planning and organisation that goes on behind the scenes as I'm aware it can be a time consuming and complicated process. I'm also interested to see how performing in proper venues with larger audiences compares to busking and pub gigs, which is what I'm more used to.'

HS: 'I'm hoping to learn more about the logistics of touring so I might be able to set up my own in the future. Also, the promotional side, like interviews and just selling the best version of myself that I can. I feel like I'm getting more confident with gigging, so this will be a good test of that confidence. In terms of future goals I'd just like to gig as much as possible before releasing music so I feel really comfortable with what I'm putting out there, but hopefully that won't be too far away!'

Hit The Road to visit Dumfries, Edinburgh and Glasgow this November

Hector Shaw

What can audiences expect from the shows and what elements of the tour are you most excited about?

KK: 'The tour is going to be truly inspiring. The songs that are going to come from each night will be new and refreshing for a wide spread audience. I'm really excited to work with the other artists and crew. I also can't wait to play in different cities across the country and share my stories!'

SP: 'I'm excited about getting to know Kate, Hector and the Hit The Road team better, and can't wait to perform my original music in new places alongside these fantastic artists! The audiences can expect a mixture of musical styles, from alternative and bluesy folk to soulful ballads.'

HS: 'For anyone coming to the show, I would like to think they'll have a really enjoyable and rewarding time. The other artists on the tour are great, and I'd like to think I'll put on a good show too, so fingers crossed it's gonna be a great night all round. I've never seen Kate or Sophie perform so I'm excited to see that, and also looking forward to being driven about in a tour van!'

Kate Kyle headlines the Oasis Centre, Dumfries on Thu 14 Nov; Sophie Penman headlines Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh on Fri 15 Nov; Hector Shaw headlines Websters Theatre, Glasgow on Sat 16 Nov.

Hit The Road: Kate Kyle, Hector Shaw and Sophie Penman

Young Scottish singer-songwriters Kate Kyle, Hector Shaw and Sophie Penman go on tour together as part of national youth music project Hit The Road.