Dale: 'I'm going'

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  • 6 August 2008

Dale believes he will be evicted

Dale and Stuart argued about who will be evicted this afternoon (06.08.08). The pair - who both received the majority of nominations from fellow housemates - bickered over who is more hated.

Sara said: "I can't believe one of you will be going on Friday."

Dale replied: "It's me."

But Stuart was gob smacked Dale thought the viewers would pick him for the boot.

He said: "How is it going to be you? I've had so much bad stuff shouted over the wall."

But Sara pointed out there was no real way of knowing who fans wanted out.

She said: "Yeah, but it doesn't mean anything. The fact is, you don't know what they are showing of you.

"Like, with you Dale, if they show you doing your one -liners, which they must because you do it all the time, there's no way in hell you're going. No offense Stu.

"But with you Stu, all the sweet stuff you say, girls love that kind of stuff."

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