'Crazy' trouble ahead?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 August 2008

Darnell fears things will kick off

Darnell thinks things are about to get "crazy" in the house. The songwriter - who has been criticised for his aggressive behaviour during house arguments in the past - told Lisa he can feel trouble brewing.

He said: "I'm scared. This is where friends are gonna butt heads on views. There's always been someone to dislike."

Lisa replied: "We are all different people, different emotions... erm, different depths."

Darnell added: "It's gonna get crazy. It's gonna get crazy. Oh man, it's gonna get crazy."

But Lisa reckons Darnell has thick enough skin to deal with whatever happens.

She told him: "With your shield and armour, you'll be fine. When the times up, the times up.

"It's gonna be emotional. I cried for the first time properly when we received the letter from home the other day. I lost the person I'm madly love with in here so I was really hurt to start with. But you get on with it."

Darnell added: "I see things before it comes and that sucks. It's gonna be bad."

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