Nicole's Rex act

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  • 6 August 2008

Nicole joked about arrogant Rex

Nicole made fun of Rex this afternoon (06.06.08, 2.55pm).

The 19-year-old - who was giving her boyfriend the cold shoulder this morning - made fun of her arrogant lover when she voiced his puppet as part of a task.

She said (as Rex): "I'm here to advertise my restaurants. Who wants to come to my restaurants? I'm too important for public taxis, I have a chauffer.

"I miss my girlfriend. I treat my girlfriend everywhere I go."

Earlier, Nicole and Mikey fell asleep after getting so bored with putting on the puppet show. Big Brother sounded the klaxon to wake them up.

Meanwhile, Heavenly housemates practised ping-pong.

The Angels' changed into their costumes and entered the task room, which was completely black and had a table tennis table set up in the middle.

Big Brother asked head of house Rachel to step to the side because she was blocking the camera's view of the action.

She said: "Oops, sorry Big Brother."

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