Will Smith dreams of making Marlon Brando movie

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 October 2019
Will Smith

Will Smith

Will Smith wants to use the technology that created his digital likeness in 'Gemini Man' to make a movie with the late Marlon Brando

Will Smith wants to use technology to make a movie with the late Marlon Brando.

The 51-year-old actor was very impressed with the digital likeness created of his 23-year-old self for his new movie 'Gemini Man' and hopes the avatar can be used again on other projects, with his "dream" being a collaboration with the late 'Godfather' star, who died in 2004 aged 80.

He told Britain's OK! magazine: "It's pretty crazy to think that there's now a 23-year-old digital version of myself, an avatar that exists that I can use for other films.

"As the technology gets better and better, can a young Will Smith make a movie with a young Marlon Brando? That's what I'm thinking."

But Will admitted seeing his technologically-generated replica for the first time was "a little bit creepy".

He said: "My heart jumped the first time I saw that imagery.

"It's really chilling and weird to see your digital reincarnation tin that way."

The 'Men in Black' star has always been thankful for his vivid imagination because it's provided him with escapism when times got tough.

He said: "There have been a couple of really critical times in my life where I lost the joy.

"I've always loved life and living.

"But during my childhood, there were a couple of traumatic events where I learned how to escape into my imagination.

"Luckily, I've always had that skill.

"No matter what was going on in my life and in the world, I could disappear into my imagination.

"I could make a beautiful place that blocked out whatever was happening in the world. That's been a gift."