My Perfect Podcast: Cariad Lloyd

My Perfect Podcast: Cariad Lloyd

Character comedian and Austentatious member tells us about her favourite podcasts

The likes of Edith Bowman, Adam Buxton, Anneka Rice and David Baddiel have appeared on Cariad Lloyd's award-winning Griefcast, which tackles the thorny subject of bereavement, and is now hurtling towards its 100th episode. Here, the character comedian and member of improv gang Austentatious launches our new column by telling us which podcasts make her happy, sad and more intelligent

Which podcast makes you laugh?
Dear Joan & Jericha is one of the few that has made me laugh out loud. Series one was incredible and I'm very excited that series two has just been released. It's not for the faint-hearted, but if you like Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine you won't be disappointed.

Which podcast educates you?
I find Talking Politics a great place to try and wrap your head around what's happening at the moment. There's a phenomenal episode called 'Democracy for Young People' that explained Brexit and voting clearer than anything I've ever read.

My Perfect Podcast: Cariad Lloyd

Which podcast makes you angry or sad?
Have You Heard George's Podcast? by George the Poet made me weep in the street. His episode on Grenfell was unlike anything I'd ever heard: part drama, poetry, spoken word, narrative and music. He's pushing the genre into a very exciting place where his ability to communicate these stories is completely liberated from old mediums.

Which podcast is your guilty pleasure?
I don't know if it's guilty but Adam Buxton's and No Such Thing As A Fish are my absolute go-tos when I want to feel like I'm talking to some old friends.

Griefcast's 100th episode, with Fi Glover, is available on Wednesday 16 October.

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