Queer Theory (4 stars)

Queer Theory

credit: Kirsty Law

Riotous queer cabaret night is a chaotic delight

Queer Theory's monthly club night at Sleazy's is quickly becoming something of an institution and tonight demonstrates why. It's chaotic, fun and inclusive, but there is a political fury underpinning even the most knockabout moments.

Impish compere Craig Manson excels here, proving there's nothing that can't be improved with a bit of interpretive dance. There is no way to ever scrub off his unique reimagining of a Sam Smith video.

Elsewhere, Alternative Cracks provide oppositional anthems to incels and the alt-right, their schtick like Flanders and Swann on temazepam and bath salts. Cat Reilly's stand up is ridiculously smart, and Eve Jeffrey's world-weary poetry is brimming with comic exasperation, but Kat Ennis' eye watering confessionals on sex work are as disarmingly brutal as they're hilarious and insightful. Sissy Jacqueline brings a ritualistic beauty to performance art: it's bodybuilding with grace and almost Zen-like quietude.

Musician Ben Seal's little vignettes are eccentric, charming and acerbic. Teetering between high art and high camp, songs like 'Death' and 'Kristal' have an electro pop sheen with heart. Seal's not afraid to subvert the humble vocoder too. He then invites the irrepressible Manson back onto the stage to channel his inner Pan's People to the finale. It's all naughty in the nicest ways.

The Gospel According to Queer Theory, Mono, Glasgow, Fri 1 Nov.

Queer Theory

A queer cabaret show including live music, drag, poetry, comedy and performance art.

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