Sam Fender's snub to school bullies

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  • 5 October 2019
Sam Fender

Sam Fender

'Hypersonic Missiles' hitmaker Sam Fender loves telling the people who bullied him at school to "f**k off" when they try and befriend him now

Sam Fender loves telling the people who bullied him at school to "f**k off" now they want to be his friend because of his music success.

The 'Hypersonic Missiles' hitmaker is often asked to perform at the weddings of his former classmates, despite them not liking him when they were at school together, and he takes great pleasure in suggesting he'd rather play at their funerals instead.

Asked which superhero he identifies with, he said: "I'd probably say Spider-Man because Spider-Man was a dork in school, got pushed around by a bunch of d**kheads and then he became cool as f**k.

"Spider-Man then went around braying bad guys, but my version of the story is now all of the kids that were d**ks to us in school ask us to play their wedding and I just tell them to 'f**k off' and it's the greatest day ever when I do. I go, 'Absolutely not, I hate your guts, I'd rather play your funeral.' "

The 23-year-old singer's "prize possession" is his Greggs VIP card and he constantly uses the perk, which grants him free food from the British bakery chain.

He siaD: "I use it every day. Whenever we go to service stations, I buy all the boys pasties. I love it ... I went in and pretty much cleared out the shop once, I got about 40 pasties. The VIP Greggs card is the best thing I've ever had. I'd cry if I lost it, it's my prize possession. All the time, everyone is like, 'Take us to Greggs, give us your Greggs card.' I can't keep fleecing the same store so I've gotta alternate between different Greggs.

"I can't just keep f***ing up the same North Shields Greggs, people would be sick of us if I keep going in there. But also it's getting to the point now where if I go into the local Greggs and people see us, they're like, 'Howay Sam, get us a pasty?' Ah, f**k off."

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