Fly Me To The Moon (3 stars)

Fly Me To The Moon

Marie Jones' play is as hit and miss as Old Blue Eyes

Sweet but rather dopey Loretta (Sandra McNeeley) who is working extra hours to take her kid to Alton Towers, and unscrupulous Francis (Julie Austin) from a family of dodgy DVD dealers and with a propensity for casually racist remarks, are unlikely pals who met through their jobs as care workers for the elderly.

When Frank Sinatra-obsessive Davie dies in a manner more befitting Elvis in his shabby little bungalow, Francis is already working out ways to spend not only his pension, but also his recent winnings on a horse.

Quicker than Sinatra could call out 'Ring a ding ding' though, there's a series of events that make them question their morals, as well as their propensity for watching too much CSI.

Sarah McCardie's direction of the two, and their descent into madness, is perfectly weighted and full of pep, even if Marie Jones has written a slightly problematic script (it borders on tasteless at times, and the pair are working class stereotypes).

However, it's hard not to warm to this acerbic comedy, with its smart twists, and the pair share superb physical comedy and a flair for expressing sheer exasperation at their lot.

Where Jones succeeds in her writing, even if it's only tugging at the undercurrent of the play, is the bitter tang of poignancy at how hard the women work for £6 an hour, and how little the recently deceased old man was valued, both as a human being, and in monetary terms.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, until Sat 5 Oct; Traverse, Edinburgh, Mon 7–Sat 12 Oct.

A Play, a Pie & a Pint: Fly Me to the Moon

Two community care workers face a moral dilemma when one of their charges wins big on the horses - after his own death. Ticket price includes a pie and drink.