Mark Ronson's new album will come sooner if he gets 'dumped'

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  • 1 October 2019
Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson is waiting to see if he gets dumped again before making his next album

Mark Ronson's next album will come sooner if he gets "dumped".

The 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' hitmaker's 2019 LP 'Late Night Feelings' was like "therapy" for the producer after his divorce from French actress Joséphine de La Baume last year, and he even branded the songs "sad bangers".

Now he has admitted that if he gets his heart broken between now and his next record, he'll have to jump on writing an album sooner.

Speaking at the launch of his BBC Two special 'Mark Ronson: From The Heart', he said when asked if he will "remain in this mindset" for future records: "I think every record is always kind of hard to imagine where you're going to be ... it's a different time [unless?] I get dumped between this and the next album.

"The good thing about in-between my records, I end up producing a bunch of records for other people and those things always kind of shape you, so probably working with Lady Gaga, Josh Homme, and some people who are very honest in their own thing was a good nudge in that direction for me, as well as what I was going through."

Asked why he thinks it's easier for him to be "honest" now, he replied: "I think it's age, experience, I think it's having an awakening, obviously coming out of a divorce and stuff I went through.

"I hate saying 'therapy' because I hate reading interviews where people say it, but I've got to be honest...

"Just not hiding behind going out, drinking, drugs, relationships, all those kind of things."

The Oscar-winner also admitted he would have liked to have had children by now but his career has been like a "substitute" family experience.

He explained: "I probably imagined myself having a family at this point.

"There's a dangerous thing, because you get so much of a family dynamic in your work.

"Coming into the studio, and these people you work with, you go into these really forced -- almost emotional -- bootcamps for six months.

"In some of these relationships it's easy to substitute that for maybe what you would get from your own family.

"But they are like, totally, two different things and I am always like, 'Oh f**k! Did I take a little long to figure this out?'"

'Mark Ronson: From The Heart' will air on BBC Two soon.

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