Ella Henderson's Jax Jones collaboration was penned five years ago

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  • 1 October 2019
Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson has revealed she has known Jax Jones for several years because his wife used to babysit her and their 2018 single 'This Is Real' was made five years ago

Ella Henderson wrote her collaboration with Jax Jones five years ago.

The 'Ghost' singer featured on the 'This Is Real' on the house producer's 2018 EP 'Snacks' and Jax has revealed their friendship goes way back as his wife used to babysit the 23-year-old pop star.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, he said: "My wife is from the same little village as Ella called Tetney in Lincolnshire. "And my wife used to babysit her."

The pair are now teaming up on a music video for the track, which Ella says is "timeless".

She said: "It just shows when you write something you're super-proud of, those kinds of songs are timeless because we're here five years later shooting a video for it. It's mega-exciting."

Ella recently announced her return to music with her first new music in four years.

The 'Glow' singer released the soulful title track from her upcoming EP, 'Glorious', her first on Rudimental's Major Toms label, last month, and described the writing process as a "mind-cleansing" experience as she tackles "issues of self-doubt, body image and the fleeting nature of youth".

She shared: "Writing 'Glorious' was a mind-cleansing moment for me, it represents the first time I truly began to start celebrating everything I used to live in fear of. "Learning to accept and love yourself for who you are can be difficult in this day and age.

"'Glorious' stands for everything we should feel about ourselves – empowered and proud."

The EP will be released on November 8, and follows the Jax collaboration.

Ella was signed to Simon Cowell's Syco after finishing sixth on 'The X Factor' in 2012, but despite seeing her debut album, 'Chapter One', go platinum her contract "mutually came to an end" in February 2018.

And she couldn't be happier that she now gets to write songs that are her "complete, true self".

She said: "I know it's taken a little while but everything on this EP is from me and written by me and I'm so glad to be back out there with me as my complete, true self.

"I always take the positives out of everything. I was with Syco for a good six or seven years and it just mutually came to an end, like anything does in life. I'm still only 23.

"I had a few new things I set out to do, and I think if you want change then you've got to make change. I'm really happy and everyone else is happy. I think as long as I'm happy and motivated, that's the main thing."

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