Flies plague house

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 August 2008

Kat cleaning the unsanitary kitchen

The 'Big Brother' house is infested with flies. Unsanitary housemates have allowed their living space to become a haven for insects by leaving vegetables to rot and not cleaning up food trodden into the carpet.

Kat told housemates to clear up the kitchen if they did not want to live in squalor.

She told Nicole: "If you don't do a bit more, there's going to be flies. Then we won't be able to cook."

Later, new housemate Nicole criticised Mikey about his carelessness when he spilled milk over a box of carrots and left it overnight.

She said: "You got milk over the potatoes, carrots, everything. They're ruined. The carrots look so mouldy."

Mikey has previously spilled alphabet spaghetti all over the carpet, which he thought was hilarious.

Former housemate Mario had called a health and safety meeting in the past to draw the group's attention to the perils of not running a kitchen properly.

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