My Comedy Hero: Stewart Francis on, um, Stewart Francis

My Comedy Hero: Stewart Francis on, um, Stewart Francis

As he winds down his comedy career, the UK-based Canadian pun-merchant picks himself as his comic icon. Well, no one said he couldn't . . .

My comedy hero, without question, is Stewart Francis. The man is a legend. Criminally underappreciated by the media, he just brilliantly goes about his business without any animosity towards the horrible cretins. The incredibly gorgeous Francis is probably a very humble man, and when asked would probably deflect attention from himself and cite Rodney Dangerfield as his comedy hero. But I think even Dangerfield would respect the genius of the ruggedly handsome, modest Francis.

I don't know if Stewart Francis ever speaks in the third person, but if Stewart Francis ever did, Stewart Francis would say Stewart Francis is amazing. And I for one would have to agree. I had the good fortune of seeing Francis' fantastic farewell tour Into the Punset recently in Glasgow, and one of the many things I admired that evening was the fact that he never resorted to reinforcing negative Scottish stereotypes, which so many other comedians seem to do. In fact, the hundreds of Scottish punters in the queue for refunds after the show all agreed that it was the best show any of them had ever seen.

Another thing that I admire about Stewart Francis is that he abhors self-promotion, which he clearly states at his website If anyone were to accuse Stewart Francis of self-promotion during his farewell tour Into the Punset or even at his last show ever at the Hammersmith Apollo on 7 December, I'm sure Stewart Francis would probably confer with his acting agent Victoria Lepper (VLA) and his voiceover agent James Thake (Wisebuddah), and respond with a witty retort.

Stewart Francis: Into the Punset is on tour until, as mentioned above, Saturday 7 December.

Stewart Francis: Into the Punset

Surreal and deadpan one-liners from the Canadian stand-up and TV regular, as seen on Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo.

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