S-Type: 'Producers are in the spotlight more than ever, and we're owning the craft'

S-Type: 'Producers are in the spotlight more than ever, and we're owning the craft'

credit: Martyn Flyn

Glasgow-based producer discusses his highly anticipated new LuckyMe EP, S-Type Beat

'I wanted to make a record that showcased my sound, something that I've been developing over the years – cinematic, bold, colourful music that can be enjoyed at home, on the move or in the club,' says Bobby Perman, the Glasgow-based producer who goes by the name S-Type. His new EP Beat (as in 'S-Type Beat') is out this week on LuckyMe, his first recording since SV8 in 2015, and he's reached the stage in his career where it genuinely counts as 'long-awaited'.

In the meantime, however, he hasn't been hanging around. 'I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work, mixing records for artists,' Perman tells us. 'I flew out to Montreal to mix Lunice's debut album, CCCLX; I've been flying out to LA for writing sessions with Baauer, helping finish songs and do additional production. I was musical director for the fashion designer Astrid Andersen for three years and wrote original music for a series of short films for Cadillac directed by Sam De Jong, as well as various other advert work. Last year I scored my first feature length movie, Boyz in the Wood; I've always wanted to write music for film, so that was a big deal for me.'

With all this going on, despite the length of time this record has spent in gestation, it's no wonder it's taken him so long to complete it. 'I finished it around late 2018 and early 2019 in my studio in Glasgow,' says Perman. 'There was a demo of 'Fetch' floating about for a few years after (his fellow LuckyMe alumnus) Hudson Mohawke played it in a Boiler Room set in 2015; fans have been asking for that tune ever since, so it felt right to finish it and put it on the record. That song definitely helped inform the tone of the EP.'

The title of the EP refers to the online fascination with mimicking more famous producers; and possibly, in the process, refers to Perman creating a perfect, undiluted version of his own sound, drawing on his own love for hip hop and his later recognition within the field of trap. ''Type beats' refers to the trend of people paying homage to their favourite producers by recreating their signature sounds,' he tells us. 'Producers are in the spotlight more than ever, and we're owning the craft.

'It's great to be influenced by your favourite artists, though, but we should all be striving to be the best versions of ourselves. Honestly, I don't think too deeply about where my music sits amongst others. I make whatever feels right and makes me happy, and if people want to label it, they can. I grew up listening to rap music, and it's still my main inspiration.'

Despite the successes of the past few years, he's still deeply tied to Glasgow, where he's lived for more than ten years ('it's always been an exciting place to make music … I'm lucky to be surrounded by so many talented pals – artists, musicians and writers'), and to LuckyMe ('that's my second family, we grow together … we're all super tight and constantly work together to help bring each other's ideas to life'). And now he's back in his own right, more plans are coming to fruition.

'I want people to have fun with it,' says Perman of the EP. 'It's serious music, not to be taken too seriously. I'm working out dates for a tour just now, but what I'm most excited about is my album. It's been a long time coming, but I'm glad I've waited this long to put out my first LP. I'm in the best place now, creatively and mentally.'

Beat by S-Type is out now on LuckyMe.

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Edinburgh-born hip-hop producer Bobby Perman, of Scotland's respected LuckyMe stable, performs in the Scottish capital for the first time in four years. Support comes from Mag.Kafka & tbc

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