Charli XCX says LGBTQ fans have made her a pop star

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  • 21 September 2019
Charli XCX

Charli XCX

Charli XCX has spoken about how the love she gets from her LGBTQ fans has given her the confidence to be the artist she is now

Charli XCX has thanked her LGBTQ fans for giving her a "home in pop music".

The 'Gone' singer has always had a huge number of fans from that community all over the world and she admits she has learned how to embrace and be proud of her own individuality from her gay and trans supporters.

In an interview with Australian website MusicFeeds, she said: "I feel the love from that community has made me feel confident in myself, and I feel that they have shown me how they express themselves every day. How they're so powerful and individual and unique and resilient and it's made me feel confident to open up and be the artist I am now. I feel so thankful and I feel safe. Without that love from them, I wouldn't be where I am. 'Charli' wouldn't exist. They've given me a home in pop music."

Explaining that she has felt as though the LGBTQ community has been behind her music since the release of her 2016 EP 'Vroom Vroom, she added: "It kind of began with 'Vroom Vroom', but when I started putting the mixtapes out that's when I started to really feel it. It changed so much. It made me feel like I would always have a home. They get me, and I get them. We've got our own thing going on. Sometimes it feels like it is us against the world, it's okay because we have each other."

Charli has a big following on her social media channels with 3.4 million fans reading her Twitter posts and the same figure checking out her Instagram updates.

The 27-year-old British pop star likes to have fun on her social media and definitely does not want to convey the idea that she has a perfect life to her fans because that would be a lie.

She said: "I am not a perfect person, and I don't want to be portrayed in any way as perfection. I couldn't do it if I tried, and it's ultimately not real. It's boring and fake. It's f***ing boring, and I have more of a personality."

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