Foals' Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 2 could have been a heavy metal album

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 September 2019


Foals say the second half of their 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost' double album could have turned into a heavy metal album if they wrote it now

Foals' 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2' would "probably be a full metal record" if they wrote it now.

The first part of the two-part album – which was shortlisted for the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize – was more expansive sonically and Yannis Philippakis and co have admitted its angrier counterpart would be even heavier if they made it in their current headspace.

The themes explored include the huge impact technology has on our lives, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and climate change.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz on the red carpet at the ceremony at London's Eventim Apollo on Thursday night (19.09.19), the band said: "If we'd have made it now we would have probably amped it up even more.

"It would probably be a full metal record."

The 'My Number' hitmakers say doing two albums is great because they get to split up the touring into two different parts as well.

They added: "But the great thing about doing it this way, there's a couple of reasons, even though we recorded it last year, we get to split the touring in half and introduce new songs, which is interesting for us and hopefully exciting for the fans.

"Also we've got some distance from it.

"I listened to the second part for the first time in a couple of months the other day and I was just so into it.

"Other than having it mixed earlier in the year, we haven't had to listen to it.

"It's great. It's definitely a heavy one."

Meanwhile, the band also shared how great it was having former Maccabees star Felix White play guitar during their performance at the ceremony – which saw Dave win the Album of the Year prize – because it allowed frontman Yannis, who couldn't play his instrument because of a hand injury caused by a run-in with a knife, to be more "free" on the stage.

His bandmate said: "It's weird. Felix is on stage and Yannis is on stage too, but he's just not playing guitar.

"So there is more of us on stage so it feels like even more of a gang.

"Without Yannis having to play guitar he's more free to move around."

'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2' is released on October 18.

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