Kirsty Logan – Things We Say in the Dark (4 stars)

Kirsty Logan –Things We Say in the Dark

Powerful contemporary short story collection playing on our deepest fears with a dash of the supernatural, horror and bloody feminism

Kirsty Logan, author of The Gloaming and A Portable Shelter, is both a novelist and short story writer and Things We Say in the Dark perfectly illustrates her command of the short form. In this contemporary collection, she invites you over the hearth for a storytelling session that goes right to our deepest, most closely guarded fears.

There's a selection of forms here, including a dash of the supernatural, a good whack of re-imagined fairy tale, squirm-worthy body horror and several sophisticated scares. At the core, there's a fierce and bloody feminism. Women give birth to fruit, to lovable monsters, to things they were never sure they wanted in 'My Body Cannot Forget Your Body' and fight their way to freedom in 'Stranger Blood is Sweeter'.

The titles are a particular delight, with highlights such as 'Girls are Always Hungry When all the Men are Bite-Size' and 'Sleep, You Black-Eyed Pig, Fall into a Deep Pit of Ghosts'. Light and illumination are a theme throughout, making the dark corners all the blacker, and the stories are framed by short passages that appear autobiographical and which slowly take on the same creeping dread elicited in the stories themselves.

This is an assured collection from a writer 'ready to write about [her] fears'. Join Logan on an unsettling journey through the murkiest corners of her imagination, which is as fertile as it is expansive.

Out Thu 3 Oct via Harvill Secker.

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