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Meet the creatives turning talent into tickets

Meet the creatives turning talent into tickets

Bam Bam Boogie

Have you ever had an idea for a dream event? Or a talent, interest or niche that you'd like to create an event around? If so, now could be the time to get your plan moving

DIY creative events have never been more popular. Consumers are hungry for unique, authentic experiences, while modern online tools allow event organisers to find their audiences and get the word out about their ideas easier than ever before.

We met three creatives who ticket their independent events using Eventbrite, the ticketing and event technology platform that allows anyone to organise tickets, promote their events and share on social media.

For Steph Hartman, the creator of Collage Club, organising events expanded seamlessly from an informal gathering of friends. 'I invited lots of friends over, cooked dinner and we all sat and collaged over food and beers,' says Steph. 'With the majority of my friends working in the creative industries (illustrators, designers etc) there wasn't much in the way of structure as they all had ideas they wanted to try out and were very happy doing their own thing.

'What I garnered from those nights was that collage was a really great way to be creative and social at the same time, and that there was a clear therapeutic element to it.'

With some encouragement from her friends, Steph decided to expand the Club to people outside her friendship group and started holding workshops at event spaces across London, from co-working spaces to back rooms of pubs and hotel lobbies. As an independent event organiser, Steph has been able to remain in control of her business as the club has grown in popularity. What started as a side hustle has evolved into an events series that she is able to devote half of her working week to.

Bami Kuteyi has also turned her talent and passion into a booming events business, one that is forging local communities and bringing people together. Frustrated by the lack of diversity at her regular gym, Bami started Bam Bam Boogie, a dance class company focusing on body positivity and feeling good while working out.

Starting from scratch, Bami chose Eventbrite as a reliable platform to organise classes and get the word out. 'My fave feature on Eventbrite is the Facebook integration as this makes it so easy to create and promote my events to help reach a wider audience,' says Bami, who is now an award-winning entrepreneur.

Zack McLaughlin of Paper and Wood recognises that for first-timers, organising events can seem daunting. How many people will show up? What's a suitable space? How can I make sure everyone enjoys themselves? But he points out that early mistakes were an important learning curve for him to figure out how to run workshops.

'For my first event I really went above and beyond as I was nervous people might not enjoy it and complain,' he explains. 'So I made sure I had everything they would need, they would be comfy, and I also bought a lot of wine so they could enjoy themselves even more! This backfired as the workshop went on until 1am! I learned quickly from then on not to go over the top.

'Another mistake was not paying close enough attention to sales of tickets, this led to selling three tickets too many then having to squeeze more people into the space. All of the mistakes I rectified, which did make the second workshop much more manageable! But I am always learning from the most recent workshop.

Steph, Bami, and Zack are just three of thousands of creators who use Eventbrite to help them run their classes and workshops, supporting with everything from admin and communication to promotion and on-the-ground logistics. 'Everything and everyone to do with the event can be accessed easily,' says Zack. 'It makes every aspect nice and simple.'

So what are you waiting for? Follow Steph, Bami and Zack's lead to turn your dream event into a reality.

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