Halsey announces new album Manic by painting artwork for fans

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 September 2019


Halsey announced she will release her new album 'Manic' on January 17 and also released new single 'Graveyard' after painting the LP's artwork for fans

Halsey unveiled her new album 'Manic' by painting the artwork for fans.

The '11 Minutes' singer has announced she will release her third record – the follow-up to 2017's 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' – on January 17.

And after sharing a time-lapse on her website of her creating the album cover, a bold colourful self-portrait, featuring rainbow colours in her hair, on a large canvas screen, the 24-year-old star made the new single 'Graveyard' available to stream and download.

The new record is also set to feature the single 'Nightmare', which she released back in May.

Although Halsey had planned to write more about the world around her on her new album, she recently admitted that it didn't work and she is more comfortable writing about the world through the lens of her own experiences.

She explained: "I sat down to write this album and I was like, 'Alright, time to stop talking about yourself and start looking at the world around you!' And then I got two songs in and I was like, 'Uh, I only know how to talk about myself.' Because I don't know anything as well as I know me, so I can't write anything as true to f**king Halsey than when I'm writing about myself."

The star also called new single 'Nightmare' an "angry anthem".

She said: "Female rage is a very tight subject for me right now."

And she also added that she has finally stopped seeing other women as competition.

She explained: "I spent my whole life being the person who's like 'I f**king hate girls, I only want to hang out with boys; girls are so annoying'.

"And now I'm in my 20s and I'm like 'I love women! They're awesome!' Women are so tight, I'm surrounded by amazing women and I love how strong and beautiful and incredible they all are in their own ways. It's cool to be in my 20s and to have like grown out of that internalised misogyny. I've grown comfortable in my own space and in my own skin, so it eliminates that factor of competition for sure."

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