Emily Atack: 'You can thank Instagram skin-smoothing apps for that'

Emily Atack: 'You can thank Instagram skin-smoothing apps for that'

The runner-up of I'm A Celebrity and star of The Inbetweeners gets set to go back on tour

Having impressionist Kate Robbins as her mum and Paul 'Sir Macca' McCartney as a first cousin (twice removed), showbusiness is clearly in Emily Atack's blood. While preparing for the next leg of her Talk Thirty to Me tour, she discusses impressions, being in the jungle, and leaving her 20s behind

What message do you want to get across in Talk Thirty to Me?
It's absolutely fine to not have every box ticked by 30. I also think we're fed this idea that people come without flaws or imperfections (you can thank Instagram skin-smoothing apps for that). In the show, I tell stories about my life, my friends, and my relationships: girls seem to really get it, and funnily enough the lads do too, as they've all had wives or girlfriends going on about the same things.

You're 29 now: what will you miss most about your 20s when you leave them?
I think not being able to say 'I'm in my 20s' might hurt a little bit, but I definitely won't miss being young enough to care about what everyone thinks of me.

You seem to have your mother's talent for impersonations: which one that you do on the tour show is most enjoyable?
I think I enjoy doing Ruth Langsford because it's not an obvious voice to mimic. I like doing voices that people find surprising, and Ruth has one of those voices we have just subconsciously heard on the telly for years, but you can't put your finger on why it's recognisable. The more subtle the impression, the better.

What are the things you'd change about the entertainment industry in Britain to make things better for women?
As someone who's had to bang on a lot of doors, I think people should take more of a chance on women. I think sometimes men get given chances: if someone sees something bubbling or some potential then they get given a gig, whereas women have to really prove themselves before they get their big breaks.

Was I'm A Celebrity generally a positive experience for you? And what advice would you give someone about to enter the jungle?
I loved it; it did wonders for me personally and professionally. I was very lucky that I had a bit of magic with that cast and that year. As for advice: you'll never get three weeks without your phone ever again (probably). Enjoy!

Emily Atack: Talk Thirty to Me is on tour from Wed 30 Oct–Tue 5 Nov.

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