Frankie Cosmos – Close It Quietly (4 stars)

Frankie Cosmos – Close It Quietly

Fourth album proper from Greta Kline's indie troupe

'Does anyone wanna hear/the forty songs I wrote this year?' Greta Kline offers on New York indie rockers Frankie Cosmos' forthcoming album Close It Quietly. Only half of the output of this characteristically prolific spurt of creativity has made it onto the band's fourth full-length LP, which comprises 21 songs (only one of which passes the three minute mark). Like a scrapbook of incidental sketches and thoughts, the album retains their trademark twee, anti-folk aesthetic, and radiates ephemeral punk energy.

What binds this collection together is consistent yet distinct sonic textures, and Kline's soft, confidential vocal. The quartet's line-up has further solidified with what was once Kline's 'backing band' now each bringing irreplaceable elements to the sound. Lauren Martin's whimsical synth lines add a particularly lovely layer of lightness to Alex Bailey's climbing basslines and Luke Pyenson's taut drum fills.

A hushed assurance of sonic identity matches the understated profundity of Kline's lyricism. This is poetry which is complex in mundanity, much like that of the band's namesake and Kline's once-moniker Frank O'Hara, famous for his diaristic observations of the small beauties of everyday New York City life.

The opening lines of Close It Quietly ('The world is crumbling/and I don't have much to say') are a sarcastic nod at how these sometimes heartbreaking, endearingly goofy lyrics are deeply personal, yet outwards facing.

'Flowers don't grow/in an organised way/why should I?' is the characteristically astute line that speaks to this record not marking any significant 'progression' from Frankie Cosmos' previous releases. Each brief track on Close It Quietly is a poetic journal entry with a pearly surface but a spiral of deeper meanings at its centre – much like the marbles on the album artwork – in a testament to the non-linear messiness of growth and finding little moments of joy in today's crumbling world.

Out Fri 6 Sep on Sub Pop.

Frankie Cosmos

New York-born singer-songwriter Greta Kline and her talented three-piece band perform dreamy anti-folk and indie-pop material from her second album, Next Thing, released in 2016. In April this year, the musician announced that she was working on her third studio album.

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